March 03, 2018

Game Update. Bug Fixes & Stability

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Holdfast: Nations At War has been updated. We’ve decided to place our focus on stability and bug fixes for this one. It might not be as exciting as new content but it’s just as important! If you’re looking for a couple of new things to try out, there’ll be plenty of that coming with the next update.


We’ve gone ahead and re-worked the firearm recoil mechanics so they feel less restrictive, optimised 3D VoIP to reduce latency spikes on servers, fixed a whole lot of graphical issues including the flickering green screen on naval and coastal maps and more.



Holdfast NaW - Chargeee!





Changelog 12 - Game Version 0.12.6636.11365


- Improvements on firearm recoil mechanics. Players now have more control over their mouse movement after a shot is fired. Big thanks to the community for their feedback on this.
- Fixed a bug which caused a flickering green screen to appear when playing on Naval or Coastal maps. This was a hardware specific issue so please do let us know if you experience it again.
- Fixed a bug which caused all players to forcefully disconnect from the server when the 254th round starts.
- Server-side optimisations to improve performance for 3D VoIP. This system has undergone an entire re-work in an effort to reduce latency spikes on servers.
- A number of exceptions from the error logs we receive have been fixed.
- Updated and re-worked multiple game shaders to improve performance and reduce the possibility of graphical issues occurring for players with low-end hardware.
- Reduced the number of shaders the game utilizes. This is in an effort to improve stability.
- Fixed multiple layout issues for different languages.
- Introduced additional language characters in the game which were previously appearing to be missing.
- Fixed a graphical which caused to rocks on Crosshills to appear entirely black.
- Fixed a graphical issue which caused the sandbags on Fort Christiana to appear entirely black.
- Fixed an issue which caused the watermill on Arendan River not to animate.
- The background terrain on Sharpton and Fort Christina now support dynamic weather.
- The Training Grounds spawn locations have been moved to the debrief area.
- Fixed an issue which caused players to get stuck in the chimney on the Training Grounds map.
- Fixed multiple floating props on the Training Grounds map.
- Fixed an issue which caused players to get stuck on the church stairs when playing on the Training Grounds map.
- A map loading screen for Training Grounds map has been added to the game.
- Fixed an issue with the lobby status always appearing in Chinese irrespective of the selected language.
- The Training Grounds and Snowy Plains II map names now show in the lobby when those maps are being played.
- Players with low-end hardware will be seeing a slight increase in performance.


If you encounter any issues whilst playing the game, we would be extremely grateful if you were to report them to us. You can do so by posting a thread in the following section on our official forums.


Report a bug.


That’s all for today folks. We’re working on the next update

Thank you very much for your support and as always, may good health be yours.


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Once again thank you for all of your support from all of us on the Holdfast: NaW team,

- Refleax, Rycon, Dreas, Monroy, Cameron & Rejenorst

Anvil Game Studios

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