October 31, 2018

Game Update! Bug Fixes & Balance

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Holdfast: Nations At War has been updated! Sticking to our promise to change the way we deliver updates, here’s another one. This time around we’ll be fixing issues that cropped up with the previous update. You’ll also be seeing various additions targeted towards balancing the new mechanics that were added into the game.





Changelog 17 - Game Version 0.17.6878.28706

Game Balance

- Reflective damage is no longer present on the Army Front official servers. You will not receive damage for striking or firing at a friendly player. You are still unable to strike or shoot through friendly players with melee weapons or firearms.

- Melee strikes with muskets now deal more damage.

- You’re now able to finish off an enemy player in a single strike if you correctly factor in the strike’s duration and the distance between you and the other player. You will also increase the damage you deal if you're running forward instead of backwards. Use the musket’s weapon reach to your advantage!

- Melee strikes with swords now deal more damage.

- Up strikes with swords are inherently more difficult to land but you’re now guaranteed to end your opponent in a single hit. Lunge attacks can also kill an enemy player in just one blow given that you properly factor in the strike’s duration, the distance between you and the other player and the momentum. Right, and left sword slashes are easier to land but you will not end your opponent in a single strike. Use the sword’s four-way attack directions to your advantage!

- You are still guaranteed to kill opponents with a single strike if they are aiming or reloading.

- The stun timer preventing you from attacking after you hit a friendly player, an object in the map or the ground with a melee weapon has been significantly reduced.

- Rifleman now accumulate much fewer points for kill streaks compared to other classes.

- Reduced the pulsating effect on the dynamic crosshair for all weapons.

- Included an additional ladder leading to the top of the barn on Dutch Canals for balancing reasons.

Quality Of Life Additions

- Players now have the option to disable the dynamic crosshair through the ‘Game’ options. Once again, this has not changed the underlying shooting mechanics nor did they change with the previous inclusion of the dynamic crosshair.

- The icon representing Infantry Officer class has been re-coloured from yellow to green so players can more easily distinguish between players in the server and their Steam friend.

- We’ve included a unique icon for the Surgeon class. This is present on the minimap.

Bug Fixes

- Fixed a bug which caused certain players to be unable to join the round.

- Fixed an issue which caused rounds in every game mode to end too quickly.

- Fixed an issue that was being outputted when a player moved around. This was causing the game to briefly stutter.

- Fixed a bug which was causing players to be unable to switch to another weapon or spawn without any weapons. This was also sometimes causing the hotkey for a particular weapon to be incorrectly assigned.

- Fixed a bug were when a player fired with a Blunderbuss on a friendly player and reflective damage is enabled, they appeared multiple times in the kill feed.

- Fixed a bug were when a player fired with a blunderbuss on a friendly player and reflective damage is enabled, they heard multiple hit sounds play on their person.

- Attempted fix towards a bug that caused VoIP quality to degrade.

- Fixed an error that was being outputted when a player joined the Melee Arena game mode as the time to start the round was ticking down.

- Fixed an error that was being outputted due to the minimap.

- Fixed an issue were players could sometimes see text overlaid in the spawn menu when playing on the Melee Arena game mode.

- Fixed a bug which was causing kill streak bonuses not to work.

- Fixed a bug that caused players to be able to only open one of the sides for various double-sided doors present in all maps.

- Attempted fix towards an issue that allowed players to go outside the doors before they open in the Melee Arena game mode.

- You are no longer able to jump on the towers in Watchtower Arena anymore.

- Fixed an issue that prevented players from passing through one of the tunnels in Fort Salettes.

- You are no longer able to go outside Fort Arena’s playable area.

- Fixed an issue with one of the ladders on Fort Salettes clipping inside the fort.

- Fixed an issue were you could clip inside walls on the Highlands map.


There’ll be more updates featuring bug fixes, quality of life improvements and other additions to address the feedback we received from our great community.


Just a heads up, multiple rounds for the Melee Arena game mode will be released next week.


Once again, thank you very much for your support and until next time, may good health be yours.


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The Holdfast: NaW team,

- Refleax, Rycon, Dreas, Wrexial, PingPong, Walki, Cameron & Rejenorst

Anvil Game Studios


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