July 15, 2019

Public BETA V1. Class System

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Yet another major update hits the BETA with more game-play focused content! Valiantly lead men into battle as you issue orders to the rank and file, a unique system composed of multiple traits and abilities to define, distinguish and characterise the relatively huge selection of classes and so much more.


Come have a read at our latest blog post. You can also perhaps gather a first-hand play through for this recent BETA release. There’s plenty of new additions to check out which are by no means limited to what has been mentioned above!


What To Expect? A Brief Rundown

There wasn’t much that helped distinguish the great selection of classes that Holdfast: Nations At War features prior to this update. Officers, line infantryman, guards, grenadiers, musicians, rifleman, marines and indeed all of the classes in the game which make part of either the army, naval or coastal military branches are now assigned specific roles that distinguish them from the rest in the field of battle.


Take lead of others in the rank and file with the Infantry Officer class! Order those good men in the ranks to fire volleys while standing shoulder to shoulder or gloriously charge with bayonet equipped. Officers can request others in high-command to come to their aid which will certainly come of use while performing strategic manoeuvres or when suffering heavy losses in defence of pivotal positions. 





If leadership isn’t your forte, heed your nation’s call and do your duty in the ranks! Line infantryman, grenadiers and guards receive additional bonuses by following an officer’s command. These range from benefits in firearm accuracy to improve your chances of hitting your intended target or increasing your melee damage. 


Officers purchasing their commission for the sake of fame and glory at the cost of needless loss of life in the ranks due to strategic blunders was certainly of no shortage during those times. We’ve made sure to focus our design on allowing players to cease taking orders from these murdering officers. You are by no means required to follow the lead of an officer whilst playing with one of the classes in the rank and file but are rather encouraged to do so.


Not too keen on standing in ranks? Select one of the skirmishing classes. Riflemen excel at picking targets at longer ranges while light infantrymen move about faster on the battlefield and benefit from an increase in firearm accuracy thanks to one of their traits.





Speaking of traits, you’ll find over 17 different traits designed with the intent to further distinguish and characterise one class from the other. It’ll end up being a relatively long list to go through all the traits and we’re already exceeding what one would consider a brief rundown. 





Support roles now gather score for their good deeds as they play an equally important role. You will receive points for healing other players with the surgeon class or assisting with the operation of artillery pieces.


There’s plenty more to check out in this update including a whole slew of new firearms and melee weapons to choose from! You’ll also find additional game-play features of which there’s no hint or mention of in this blog post. We’ll leave it up to those fellows participating in the BETA to discover them before the update sees a full release.





Participate In The BETA!

Would you like to have a go at what’s to come? Join us in the BETA! Hop in on our Community Discord to do so. You'll find all the details in the #announcements channel. It’s a great chance for you to provide us with feedback before the update sees a full release and help us make sure that everything is working as intended while you’re at it. 


Everything present in this BETA is still a work in progress and bugs are to be expected. We’ll be undergoing balance changes as development progresses.







Once again, thank you for your support and until next time, may good health be yours.


You'll be hearing from us again soon.


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Once again thank you for all of your support from all of us on the Holdfast: NaW team,

- Refleax, Rycon, Dreas, Wrexial, PingPong, Walki, Cameron & Rejenorst

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