September 21, 2019

Update Released. Bug Fixes & Additions

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Holdfast: Nations At War has been updated! There’s going to be plenty of bug fixes amongst other minor additions coming in this one. Come have a read at our latest blog post to keep abreast with our on-goings.


We'll remain on the lookout for any issues that may occur.


Check out the full changelog below.



Changelog 41 - Game Version 0.36.7200.32417


Game Polish

- There’s now more leeway for players to move about while a surgeon is healing them. It will not immediately cancel it as a player moves away.

- Improved the surgeon’s healing animation.

- Rockets, round shot and grapeshot assist and kills now contribute towards your leaderboard standing and soldier rank.

- Reduced the damage dealt when standing on a campfire. You’ll be instantly killed should you try to make your way into a larger fire. We’re looking at you good fellows unfairly rising through the ranks with the surgeon class.

- You can now see the server your Steam friend is playing on through your Steam’s friend list.
» You may need to restart Steam to be able to view this new addition.

Server Administration

- Server administrators now have the option to enable a command which restricts gameplay to first-person view.
» rc set forceFirstPersonMode true or false

Bug Fixes

- Solved an issue with older ATI graphics cards crashing when the spawn button was pressed on. The game will now launch using a different DirectX for the graphics cards players reported issues with.
» For these older cards, the terrain will appear to be white once launched using an older DirectX. We will push a fix towards this in a future update.
» If you’re still experiencing issues with crashes upon clicking the spawn button, please be sure to make this known to us on the #bug-reports channel on our Discord.

- Experimental fix towards an issue which causes players to get stuck while loading the map.
please be sure to make this known to us on the #bug-reports channel on our Discord.

- Solved an issue which caused the game to freeze and only show a black screen on launch due to missing pre-requisites.

- Solved a recurring exception which caused framerate to plummet when a player was carrying an object.

- Solved an instance which caused players playing with the surgeon class to be unable to reload.

- Solved an issue where some of the images present in the spawn menu appeared white when a spawn point becomes full.

- Solved an issue with missing localisation for the Korean, Japanese and Chinese languages on the leaderboards.

- Solved an issue which sometimes caused nameplates of enemy players to show.

- Solved an issue which sometimes caused player nameplates while in spectate to show.

- Solved an issue which sometimes caused nameplates of players who already faced their end to continue to show.

- Solved an issue where nameplates would flash when switching between spectating players.

- Solved an issue which prevented leaderboards from populating and player medals from showing.

- Solved an issue which caused soldier rank medals in the game to be offset by one. You would have received your first medal upon gaining the 6th rank instead of the 5th.

- Solved an issue where you could sometimes be unable to see yourself on the leaderboard.

- Solved an issue with white squares appearing in the leaderboards that are supposed to be representing medals.

- Solved an issue where the highest soldier rank medal wouldn’t show.

- Solved an issue that caused soldier rank progress to sometimes not be accounted for while playing on the Melee Arena game mode.

- Solved an issue with an incorrect set of medals showing next to the player’s name for both his leaderboard standing and soldier rank.

- Solved an issue where the leaderboard would show the player’s Steam name instead of the custom name set from within the game. You can now represent your regiment in the leaderboards without having to change your Steam name.

- Solved an issue where the leaderboards would display multiple players as [Unkown] instead of their custom name.

- Solved an issue which caused increased leaderboard loading times.

- Improved the reliability of the Steam friend minimap tracking pointer. In the game, your steam friends show in yellow on the minimap.

- Solved an issue where sometimes the extended leaderboards view showing the Top 100 players would not display the correct results.

- Solved an issue where the player’s playtime wouldn’t show on the leaderboards.

- Solved an issue where sometimes the extended leaderboard button would become unresponsive.

- Solved an issue with underpopulated leaderboards not loading correctly.

- Solved an issue with achievements which required progress not to function.

- Solved an issue with the 'Conscientious Objector' achievement still being awarded if the player killed someone using a cannon.

- Solved an issue where the destroyed guns aboard the 50-Gun Frigate would produce an invisible collider making it difficult for the crewman to move about on deck.

- Solved an issue which allowed players to go inside one of the ruins present on Fort Schwarz.

- Solved an issue with textures on the spawnable Martello Tower prop.

- Solved an issue where one of the rock slabs on Desert Ruins was missing a face.


Changelog 42 (Hotfix) - Game Version 0.36.7200.35090

- Solved an issue which was causing the server to get stuck after the map loads.



One again we thank you for your support and until next time, may good health be yours.


We’re working on the next update.


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Once again thank you for all of your support from all of us on the Holdfast: NaW team,

- Refleax, Rycon, Dreas, Wrexial, PingPong, Walki, Cameron & Rejenorst

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