July 15, 2020

Game Update. Bug Fixes & Additions

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Holdfast: Nations At War has been updated! Shortly after the release of the recently introduced major content update bringing with it a whole slew of gameplay-focused additions, we’ll be pushing forward bug fixes amongst other features targeting quality of life much requested by the community.


Come have a read of our blog post for all changes involving the regiment registry, forward positions, melee combat, crouching transitions and more.


Community. Join The Discord!

Looking for a good bunch of fellows to play with? Do join our Discord. Linebattle events where players are encouraged to play in formations relevant to the Napoleonic era are hosted by the community through the week. Discord is also a great place to stay in touch with the game’s development. Feedback is always greatly welcomed.


If you’re a fellow in the ranks of a regiment, go declare your enlistment. Through this, you can gather access to the ‘Field Camp’ where clan specific discussion ensues. We look forward to seeing you there!








 Take a look at the changelog for all the details.



Changelog 56 - Game Version 1.7.7501.29734


Forward Positions

- Infantry Officers are now disallowed from placing forward positions nearby base spawns.
» Players that attempt to do so will receive a message informing them of the fact.

- Infantry Officers are now duly informed when their forward position runs out of reinforcements or gets destroyed.

- You should now find it easier to hit forward positions with melee weapons. Their hitbox has been slightly increased.

- Forward positions are now destroyed on death rather than when the Infantry Officer respawns.

- You can no longer place forward positions while jumping or falling.

- You can no longer place forward positions while mounted on horseback.

- Solved an issue where the player’s camera could sometimes clip with forward positions.

- Solved an issue which was causing the ‘Reinforce’ ability cooldown to carry over and persist between rounds.

- Solved an issue which sometimes caused a forward position to get immediately destroyed after the ability was used.

- Reinforce order is now being greyed out in the spawn menu if the abilities’ use is restricted through the server configuration file.

Regiment Registry & Banners

- Introduced additional functionality allowing players to search for a member within the registry. You’ll also find the same feature present in the recruit’s panel to accept or deny new applicants.

- Members of the same regiment can now display one another’s Steam profile to stay in touch with one another.

- Regiment leaders and moderators can now view a prospective applicant’s Steam profile in the recruits panel.

- Slightly adjusted the positions for in-game banners and player names.

- Performed multiple optimisations for a smoother experience when navigating through the Regiment Registry.

- Solved an issue which was causing regiment to no longer function if the regiment changed their tag.

- Solved an issue which sometimes caused regimental banners not to display in the game.

- Solved an issue which sometimes caused the ‘Leaders’ column in the Regiment Browser to remain stuck in a loading state after closing the Regiment View.

- Solved an issue which caused regiments having over 100 enlisted from showing history and player names within the Regiment Registry.

- Solved an issue which caused regiments in the registry to no longer function if all ranks were removed.

- You are now required to input a minimum number of characters in the regiment name and tag fields prior to registering your regiment.

- Solved an issue which caused the recruit panel to no longer function if there were new recruits waiting to be accepted and a regiment changed their tag.

- Solved an issue which caused the recruit panel to no longer function is a player with an invalid Steam profile submitted an application to a regiment.

- Introduced further instruction informing leaders and moderators of a specific regiment how to troubleshoot issues when messages related to insufficient permissions are displayed.

- Included ‘Greece’ to the list of available regions selectable through the Regiment Registry.

- Removed multiple logs being outputted for debugging purposes related to the banner system from the F2 console.

Game Chat

- Regiments now have a dedicated channel to communicate in whilst playing the game.
» All > Team > Class > Regiment > Recruit > Admin

- Harmonised the colours of all the class-specific chat channels.

- Renamed the ‘Skirmishers’ chat channel to ‘Skirmish’.

- Infantry Officers are no longer able to see the class-specific ‘Cavalry’ chat.

Bayonet Attaching & Detaching

- Solved an issue where other players could sometimes be seen repeating the attaching or detaching animation.

- Solved an issue where other players could sometimes be seen striking with a musket without a bayonet attached.

- Solved an issue with playing gestures then attaching or detaching a bayonet. This would cause the bayonet to display outside its intended position.

- Removed multiple logs being outputted for debugging purposes related to the bayonet attaching and detaching mechanic from the F2 console.

Kicking & Knockbacks

- Solved an issue where players kicked while abord naval vessels resulted in them being castaway a distance afar. Wilson!!

- Solved an issue which sometimes caused a player to get kicked a shorter distance than intended.

- Reduced instances for an issue which was sometimes causing a player to not get knock-backed after they got kicked and where colliding with another.

- Solved an issue which occurred when a player was kicked whilst carrying an object. The carriable object would be dropped to the ground while another remains in the player’s hands.

- Solved an issue where a player kept viewing the spyglass after they got kicked.

- Solved an issue with kills through kicks being represented with an incorrect icon in the death screen.

Melee Combat & Controller

- Players are now able to more quickly switch between combat and shoulder arm stances.

- Players are now provided with more leeway to drag an attack after releasing or holding a strike.

- Solved an instance which was at times causing players to get stuck holding a strike.

- Solved an instance where sometimes a strike dealt twice the intended damage.

- Solved an issue which sometimes prevented players from going into melee mode if they found themselves killed whilst holding a strike then respawned.

- You can now kick whilst equipping a 2H Axe or Sledgehammer.

- Solved an issue with the 2H Axe idle animation stance.

- Solved an issue where the 2H Axe running animations were not displaying as intended.

- Slightly reduced movement speed for when holding or releasing a strike whilst wielding a sword.

- Slightly increased the melee strike release timer for swords. This allows some more leeway to determine and block the attack.

Shooting & Firearms

- Players are now able to more quickly go in and out of the crouching stance.

- Slightly increased the range of kill-shots by auxiliary pistols.

- Solved an issue which was somethings causing other players to be seen firing their musket before the aiming animation fully completes.

- Solved an issue which very rarely caused a player to load a blank round resulting in a non-lethal shot from a firearm.

- Solved an issue which sometimes caused players to get stuck while reloading a firearm.

- Solved an issue with the firearm trajectories command outputting an error when switching the round.

Cavalry Units

- Solved issues related to sound for cavalry units and their movement.

- Solved an occurrence which was causing horses to de-spawn when a player from the enemy team mounts them.

- Solved an issue where allied faction players could kill a horse that you’ve captured from the enemies’ team using a swivel gun while mounting it.

Roleplay Gestures

- Solved an issue which allowed players to play a gesture while interacting with cannons, ladders, the ship’s wheel amongst others.

- Solved an issue which allowed players to play gestures while equipping an un-intended weapon.

- Players are now displayed with information as to why they are unable to play a gesture when they hover on the pictogram.
» Must Be Standing
» On Cooldown
» Gesture Already Playing


- Solved an issue with the ‘Gifted Surgeon’ achievement.

- Reworded the ‘Strike’ achievement.

Custom Server Panel

- Default server address has been set to ‘localhost’ in the custom server panel.

Map Related

- Attackers on Fort Salettes whilst the Army Siege game mode is in play will now find an additional position to spawn on in limited numbers.

- Solved an issue with twice the sappers appearing atop one another in the main menu scene.

- Line Infantrymen in the main menu scene now have their arms shouldered upright and proper. Same goes for the Flag Bearer’s stance.

- Solved an issue with floating bushes on Snowy Plains 1.

- Solved an issue where players could get stuck behind one of the houses on Aunby Valley.

- Solved an issue which allowed players to spawn atop the bathhouse on Desert Ruins.

- Solved an issue which allowed players to spawn atop one of the barns on Dutch Canals.

- Solved an issue with one of the ladders on Desert Ruins.

- Solved an issue with one of the ruin models missing faces on Aunby Valley.

- Solved an issue with warning appearing on Tahir Desert.

- Solved an issue which allowed players to go underneath one of the bridges on Fort Salettes.

- Solved an issue with one of the capture points on Fort Christina appearing disconnected from the ground.

- Reduced the spacing between ladders on the ramp leading to Fort Salettes when playing on the Army Siege game mode.

- Solved an issue with one of the ladders on Sharpton appearing disconnected from the ground.

- Solved an issue with players being able to hide within one of the ruin models on Fort Schwarz.

Holdfast SDK

- Solved an issue with interaction door restrictions on modded maps.


- Solved an issue with the Prussian Hussar’s cap display a white border.

- Solved an issue with the Depth of Field post-processing effect blurring our player nameplates and banners.

- Solved an issue which disabled impactful particle effects such as that of fires when the player is using the lower graphical settings.

- Beautified the area behind the dam on Aunby Valley.

- Reduced the brightness of the yellow guardhouse.

Once again, we thank you for your support and until next time, may good health be yours.


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Once again thank you for all of your support from all of us on the Holdfast: NaW team,

- Refleax, Rycon, Dreas, Wrexial, Walki, Cameron, Jackson, Rejenorst & Harper

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