September 12, 2020

Game Update. Battlefield Additions

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Right after the release of the recent major update bringing with it 8 new battlefields, roleplay gestures and a whole slew of content to dive into, we’ll be pushing another featuring multiple bug fixes along with changes targeting gameplay balance.


It’s been a delight welcoming all the new fellows joining the ranks of this much-beloved community. Thank you for your great show of support! Rest assured that you will be seeing more from us in future updates.





If you haven’t done so already, do join us on Discord. It’s a great way to stay in touch with everything that goes on in Holdfast and perhaps join one of the many game clans by looking at the #regiment-registry channel while you’re at it.






Changelog 58 - Game Version 1.9.7559.27288

Cavalry Units

- Solved an issue where sprinting while on horseback was no longer working as intended.

- Solved an issue when striking with a sword while on horseback having an increased delay.

- Solved an issue which results in some strikes with a sword while on horseback to miss its target if you’d hit your own horse and the enemy at the same time.

- Players will now find it slightly easier to block an incoming strike from a player on horseback.

Infantry Units

- Solved an issue with the French Polish ‘Vistula’ Legion Line Infantry and Infantry Officer having a head that is smaller and therefore not particularly fitting on their shoulders. Don’t you worry, they were still sufficiently capable in the battlefield albeit this one minor mishap.

- Adjusted the claymore to better fit in the Scottish Infantry Officer’s hands.


- Surgeons are no longer able to heal themselves or others whilst underwater.

- Surgeons are no longer able to heal themselves or others whilst carrying any object.


- You will now take more damage the longer you stay underwater.

Naval Warfront

- Solved an issue which sometimes results in only rowboats spawning for the invaders during the Coastal Siege game mode.

Roleplay Gestures

- You may now continue to chat while doing roleplay gestures.

Game Load

- Optimised the instantiating of audio during map load to slightly improve map load times.

Game Levels

- Updated the loading screen for Grassy Plains 4 (L), Grassy Plains 5 (L) & Island Plains 1 (L).

- Solved an issue with spawns on Sacred Valley being inverted on the Army Battlefield game mode.

- Reduced the number of cavalry units on Sacred Valley to 2 per faction.

- Changed one of the rocket launchers present on Sacred Valley to face outwards and included a wooden platform indicative of where it respawns should it be destroyed.

- Solved an issue with the water texture on Sacred Valley.

- Solved an issue with one of the rocks missing faces on Autumn Watch.

- Removed cavalry units from being playable on Autumn Watch.

- Improved performance on Autumn Watch.

- Re-adjusted the conquest capture points on Autumn Watch.

- Solved an issue with players being able to fire their weapon while standing on certain rocks present in Fort Darial.

- Solved an issue with the A and B capture points on Fort Darial being inverted.

- Performed some minor optimisations on Fort Darial.

- Solved an issue where you can swim inside the cave on Marquette even though no water was visible.

- Placed more ammo boxes for artillery pieces on Marquette.

- Included some more furniture inside the houses on Marquette. However, the good majority of this furniture has been turned into firewood to combat the harsh winter.

- Sealed the well on Marquette so players can no longer get stuck inside it.

- Solved an issue with spawn points on Marquette.

- Solved multiple client-side and server-side exceptions on maps.

Server Administration

- Restructured the output of the rc shiplist and rc playerlist command and included additional functionality to them.
» rc shiplist now shows the ship names alongside their IDs.
» rc playerlist not-ingame can now be used to display a list of individuals that are connected to the server but didn’t spawn. Use this to remove players that are not partaking in an event and simply staying in freeflight or spectate.

Map Rotations

- Sacred Valley is now playable on the Official Army Front servers.

- You will now find newer maps introduced in Version 1.8 appearing more frequently on the Army Front rotation.

- Increased reinforcements for the defenders by 15 on all siege maps with the exception of Fort Darial.

- Increased reinforcements for the defenders by 60 on Fort Darial.

Until next time, may good health be yours.


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Once again thank you for all of your support from all of us on the Holdfast: NaW team,

- Refleax, Rycon, Dreas, Wrexial, Walki, Cameron, Jackson, Rejenorst, Harper & Storey

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